The official website for Holt Christmas Lights, Norfolk, England

Holt Christmas Lights Switch on 2013

Holt is now established in the collective memory as a town of excellence and uniqueness – never more so than during the festive season when the loveliness of the town is pointed up and framed by thousands of fairy tale lights – along the gables, gutters and roofs of buildings throughout the town, around a myriad enticing windows and in both the live deciduous trees and the spectacular Christmas trees.

Our two churches at either end of the town take on architectural as well as spiritual importance and the whole town is a delight during those short, sometimes dreary winter days.

Sponsorship and Donations still needed

We are still actively seeking sponsorship to ensure that Holt Christmas Lights is a real success both on the night and for the six weeks that the lights are up. Anyone can donate whether as an individual or as a business.

Sometimes it is difficult to quantify the worth of something until it is not there – so imagine it not happening at all. The chances are that other towns might seem suddenly more attractive and patronage of Holt would dissipate, with all the repercussions that that entails.

We urge all the businesses in and near Holt to support this endeavour as the volunteers who work at making it a reality need all the support we can get.

What they say…

From Sue of Norwich

“Thanks.  We came to see the lights and had a wonderful walk around.  We were very impressed with it all, so many shops joining in the white theme, we have driven through before but never actually stopped and wandered around.  I am amazed at the extent of the lights through the little back ally ways too.  Special praise to the Church and Greshams School House. I don’t know if you have somewhere to note down comments, but the whole evening was extremely wonderful and “Christmassy” and I now feel more in the mood for it all.  We hope next year to try and come on the night that the lights go on.”

Cllr Bryan Payne, Chairman of Holt Town Council


Message from John (Derbyshire)

We have always arrived after or before the switch on due to the availability of a holiday cottage. We live in Derbyshire and are regular visitors to Holt.  This year we made it for the switch on.  Congratulations!  We have been to a few switch ons and yours was the best ever!  Shall certainly want to be there next year. Thanks, John.

Thank you, Edward Jones for supplying the photographs above.