Retailers and Businesses of Holt — The Holt Lights Needs You!


The night time spectacle of Holt bathed under white Christmas lights is truly a sight to behold — one that draws visitors to the town from near and far to marvel at our decorated gables, roofs and window displays. This Wednesday 30th November, the community will come together for the annual switch on — an event that promises to be one filled with entertainment and Christmas cheer.

Once again, the businesses and retailers of Holt will be encouraged to adorn their exteriors with the brightest of lights and Christmas decorations, whilst a Christmas parade, entertainment, food & drink and fireworks are all scheduled to ensure this year’s Holt Lights event goes off with a bang. Of course, none of this would be possible without the gracious commitments from our community.

It comes as no surprise to learn that holding such an event and maintaining Holt’s Christmas lights infrastructure comes with a significant monetary cost over the weeks that the town is lit. The lighting of Holt’s churches, communal areas and Christmas trees alone can total upwards of £2,000.

Whether from Holt or further afield, the Holt Lights committee welcomes any donations from businesses, retailers or individuals. Such donations can make all the difference to ensure the success of the Holt Lights event and make this Christmas one to truly remember for the town.

Support from all concerned is actively encouraged to ensure the continued success and running of present and future Holt Lights events.

To make your contribution, contact the Holt Lights committee — FTAO: Holt Lights, Byfords reception, 1-3 Shirehall Plain, Holt, NR25 6BG

Thank you.

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