The CHRISTMAS treasure hunt will run from 14th November ‘til 30th December with the winner announced on 31st December, New Year’s Eve.

40 to 50 businesses in HOLT will be invited to ‘sponsor a square’ for a suggested figure of £20.00, more would be lovely. In doing so a total of £1,000 could/should be achieved, this will be the prize that one lucky and clever person/family will win.

The sponsors of the squares will each be given a LETTER to place in their window or in a location within their premises that is visible from outside. As the treasure hunters discover each letter they will record each within a grid on their entry form. As the grid is completed so the location of the treasure will be revealed but……it’s not going to be that easy…..

Each square on the COMPETITION ENTRY FORM will acknowledge the respective sponsor – this will then ensure that the treasure hunters will seek out each town trader – raising awareness of retailers and services in the town they had perhaps not been aware of. One aim is to encourage the visitors to discover parts of Holt they had not seen before – so Window Displays will be key to achieving awareness and new business.

Our treasure hunters of today will come across an apothecary’s jar brimmed full of the pearls, guessing the number within will prove to be the ultimate tie-breaker.

To participate please contact Colin at The Red Dot Gallery on/before 20th October. 01263 710287 or

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